Intensive Language Week in Dublin, 6AB, 23rd – 30th April 2022

After a two-year break due to Covid, our 6th graders finally had the opportunity to spend their intensive language week in Dublin, Ireland. They were staying with lovely host families, where they got a glimpse of the typically Irish way of life. In the mornings, our students visited the Babel Academy of English and attended lessons held by engaging as well as motivating young teachers that supported them in refining their language skills. In the afternoons, they got the chance to explore the various sights of both the city itself (like Trinity College with the famous Book of Kells and the National Gallery) and the surrounding area (for example Malahide Castle and a cliff walk in Howth). The pub singalong session, during which we got to know, sing, and love Irish songs, and the Irish Riverdance lesson allowed the students to further immerse themselves in the country’s culture. The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the trip through Ireland’s lush green countryside to the Cliffs of Moher with their sheer rock walls and breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Clarissa Leberbauer


On the first day of school, we went to Babel Academy's classrooms and spent our morning with Eoghan (Owen). We talked about Ireland's sights, planned a trip, and had an interesting conversation about Eco travelling.

For the following two days Keith was our teacher. We also changed location and got taught in a seminar room, located in a hotel. We introduced ourselves, had presentations, compared the Austrian culture to the Irish one and taught him about Austria. We also got to know him better and found out that he is a DJ, but unfortunately, he got ill after two days.

David was our teacher for the last two days, and also our favourite one. He had the same humour as us and we laughed a lot. We watched Friends together, played games and tried the coffee machine, which didn't work out that well, and at last, we were forbidden to use it.

Overall, we had a great time together with them, talked a lot and got to know their way of teaching, which was special, because all of them were not only working as teachers, but also as actors.

Emanuel Perneker, 6A